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How to do - MS SQL C# Excel Access: ASP.NET - IE 10 - Fix Error - csv couldn't be downloaded ...

How to do - MS SQL C# Excel Access: ASP.NET - IE 10 - Fix Error - csv couldn't be down...: Watch this example on youtube: Replace             StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();             for (int i = 0; i < 200000;...

RYOBI 2HP Peak Plunge Router


Seattle Seahawks Color Rush Jerseys

Last night on Thursday Night Football the Seattle Lightning Bugs defeated the near hapless Los Angeles Rams 24-3.  Obviously the Rams were distracted by their opponents uniforms.  Where do they come up with these "color rush" uniforms anyway?  Watching the game last night reminded me of looking out on a empty field during a summer evening and watching the fireflies fly around.

Usually it is the home team that is wearing the bright colors and the visitors uniforms are much more subdued.  Next Thursday Philadelphia hosts the New York Giants so I can only image what they will doing  with the Eagles uniforms.

HGTV Fixer Upper


Heat Ending Scene


Reveal Portion of Fixer Upper


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Welcome! Grady Christie

Welcome! Grady Christie: Welcome to the Flavors site of Grady Christie.
Tonight is the premiere of Westworld on HBO I remember watching the classic 1973 movie as a child and how exciting it was. Looking forward for this remake and can only imagine how far they have come with improving the effects. Ed Harris is perfectly cast as the infamous gunslinger in black. 

How to Change Title and Description YouTube Video

Some interesting yard sales items. Here are some unusual items we found the other day at some yard sales.

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